Thursday, 28 October 2010


There are 7 races in the 2010/2011 series.
Dates and venues are:

28th November @ Galashiels
12th December @ Lauder
19th December @ Peebles
9th January @ Paxton
23rd January @ Berwick
6th February @ Norham
27th February @ Dunbar (prize-giving at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre).

The organisers are still awaiting exact confirmation of venues from the organisers.
However, the first race at Gala will meet near the swimming pool at Livingstone Place (Google map HERE).

Junior races start at 11:30 and senior races start at 12:00. Please arrive in plenty of time before the first event for registration.


  1. Good point Jane.
    Post now added with details.
    As said however, we are waiting on maps/details etc from the organising clubs.

  2. Great new site. Does this mean all previous results gone for good?

  3. Velo,

    Hopefully we will get the old results back.

  4. I wont be able to make the first race so wont be able to register.I can still race in the other races?Thanks

  5. Keith,

    Yes. Come along to as many or as few as you want. Simply register on your first visit.

  6. Can't wait again for the border cross country series been doing these races since I was a junior back in the 90s. Great new site by the way. Charmaine Berwick Harriers A.C

  7. Hi,

    Can I just clarify as this is all new to me? Do we register and pay at the first race on Sunday for the full series of races and then you just try and attend as many as you can but have to do 4 to qualify?

    And what is the cost please? Is if for the full event or per race?

    Many thanks

    Carnegie Harriers

  8. Melanie,

    Cost is £12. That covers you for the whole series.

    You simply pay on the day of your first race, then turn up for as many as you want after that.

    You will be issued with a number when you register. That number is then used for all races (so hang on to it).

  9. Thanks for the info above, Stuart.

    Does this mean it's not possible to register for just one or two races, but one would always have to pay the full £12?



  10. Is it £12 for juniors as well? Thanks Emma

  11. Juniors cost is £6.
    If seniors register at race 1-4 its a one off cost of £12 (even if you onlu choose to run one race).
    If you register at race 5 or onwards the cost drops to £6. Obviously though you will have no chance of completeing 4 events and thefore will not get a prize or momento at the end of the series.

    Either way £12 for 7 races is exceptional value.

  12. What is the snow like in Gala? Will the race still be on?

  13. I was wondering the same thing Jane. I am in Gala and there is about 5" lying at the mo. It's more the travel conditions for the other runners that would be the concern...

  14. Just had an email originating from Rosi Capper to say the XC is OFF.
    Shame, I was looking forward to it.

  15. Done six and half miles in the snow today.Loved it!I met more people today than i would on a summers day.Shoes have never been so clean.

  16. shame today was cancelled but gives us more time to train for the next round. better get used to running in snow though as I think its going to be a long winter!


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