Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Please note, for anyone not already registered and thinking of joining the series.
ALL Rounds, including 4th, 5th and 6th are £12 for Seniors (£6 for Juniors), and not half price as in previous seasons.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


A big thanks to Moorfoot Runners who laid on a fantastic race today. Weather couldn't have been better and there was something on that course for everyone.

The "known" issues have been sorted. Errors, omissions, misspellings and even the "I didnae' even run but I'm in the results" etc. have, hopefully been dealt with.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated. As the series grows ever more popular it is a fairly arduous task standing in the cold, number spotting and time keeping for 200+ runners who will insist on all trying to finish at the same time.
Also, we don't know about "mistakes" until we let you see the results - so please treat the first draft as simply that.

If we get no more queries I will tidy up the first three legs results and compile the "overall standings etc" in the next week or so.

Here's a thought though - None of the junior results have had any misspellings this year. Perhaps we should get the juniors to fill in the entry forms on behalf of the seniors :-)

SENIORS (updated 05/01/13)

All that is left is to remind you that the next race is on 13th January at Paxton House and, while it might still be a bit early, we'd obviously just like to say....

Tuesday, 4 December 2012



A couple of items have been left by runners at Peebles:

A pair of Ron Hill tracksters, black with white piping, size M.  And a “Buff” (no details about style/design etc…)

If you think these may be yours then they can be claimed from me at Registration in the Tea Rooms at Paxton.

Monday, 19 November 2012



Please see the following advice from Moorfoot Runners about round 3…..

"Details above of Moorfoot Runners hosted Peebles BXC leg on Sunday 2-December 2012.


A familiar course and the usual Peebles ingredients - plenty of mud, the 'heart-attack hill' at the 2.5 mile mark and plenty of cheery marshals dotted around the course - looking forward to welcoming everyone to the race....

Car parking - please avoid a car park melt down and Sunday morning road rage incidents by considering parking in our plentiful town car parks and walking to the park - this may add 10 mins to your day but will help reduce everyone's stress levels and help the organisers focus on the race event - thanks you !"

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Updated 01 December.
Well. Another record turnout.
Not as hilly as two weeks ago - but hopefully interesting in its own way.

As ever, soon after an event, please regard these results as PROVISIONAL, we will look into any errors or omissions you bring to our attention. However, like a lot of folk we generally enjoy a day or two of "rest" after an event - so don't expect to see changes made too quick.

Looking forward to Peebles in two weeks time. Lets hope for mud and hills!!


There are loads of pictures from Bob Marshall HERE.

As well as a load from HELPs Sandy Wallace HERE.

Monday, 12 November 2012

ROUND 2 - DUNBAR. SUNDAY 18th. 11:30 (12:00 - SENIORS)

ROUND 2 - DUNBAR. SUNDAY 18th. 11:30 (12:00 - SENIORS)

The next race is at Whitesands near Dunbar.

The route is pretty much the same as last years (though we may take out the “rocks” section).

A rough outline of the route is available on the attached map. Please note however that new fencing for livestock has been installed since last year, so minor changes may have to be made. Both routes (junior and senior) take in beach and coastal trails. Studs but not spikes recommended (road shoes would be OK too).

Details of Whitesands car park can be found on here:,-2.460937&spn=0.047422,0.108318&gbv=2&safe=strict&hnear=White+Sands+Stables,+Brandsmill,+Dunbar,+East+Lothian+EH42+1RU,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=13

Sunday, 4 November 2012


First of all, a big "thank you" to all at Lauder for laying on a great race today.
Conditions were perfect and the route was fantastic (loads of mud!!).

Please note there has now been a couple of minor changes to the seniors results.

As alwaes. Let us know of any errors and/or omissions. Please be patient though - we cant always make changes on the day you let us know. You can contact us at

A big thanks to the timekeeprs and number spotters.



Sandy Wallace, of HELP, was out and about on the route today and has taken some great pictures. Sandy's photos can be viewed HERE

Monday, 29 October 2012

ROUND 1 - LAUDER, 4th November 2012.

The following details have been recieved from the organizing club (Lauder)....

1) Registration is at our new HQ in the park. Registration is from 10.30 am. Please bring the correct money £12/£6 to make the process easier. Entry forms downloaded and pre filled in will also speed the process. Please remove all muddy footwear before entering the building. The junior race starts at 11.30 prompt and the senior event as near to 12.00 as we can. Please plan your journey accordingly remembering that this will be the busiest day for registration
2) Parking
Our new venue has ample parking which you can access as below. Use the car park/the school car park/ and the on street parking opposite the houses on the access road and do not block in the residents. In the unlikely event that the street fills up use the car parking in the village. It is a very short walk to the park and registration past the primary school entrance. We will not be supervising Car Parking so you are all responsible for your conduct. The police have been informed of the arrangements. The Park is now closed to all vehicules so please do not attempt to enter this area. (apart from The Red Cross)
Access to Car Parking Area.
From the south
Go through the village and at the war memorial (opposite Lauderdale Hotel) turn left up the road to Stow then first left (signposted school). Parking is as detailed above.
From the north
Go past the Petrol Station then turn right at at the war memorial (opposite Lauderdale Hotel) turn right up the road to Stow then first left (signposted school). Parking is as detailed above.
The Course
DUE TO SMALL TARMAC SECTIONS AND A STONEY SECTION NEAR THE END THE COURSE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR SPIKES. Trail shoes and off road shoes are ideal. The course is muddy and includes some testing uphill sections and some fast flat and downhill sections with the odd stream crossing and gate jumping thrown in for good measure. The course is well marked and their will be around 10 Marshals on the course. You must obey their instructions. The marshals have been provided by a new mother and baby group in Lauder and are all volunteers and we are delighted that they will be supporting our event. All runners enjoy the event at their own risk. The Red Cross will be in attendance to supply first aid cover.
There is limited changing and ample toilet facilities at the start and finish. There will also be hot and cold refreshments available before, during and after the event which is not included in your entry fees and all monies taken for refreshments will be used to help support Lauder Junior Football Club. There are also excellent food outlets in Lauder itself. I would ask that all rubbish is removed by runners and supporters and that you all muck in to restore the park to its usual condition. All muddy footwear must be removed before entering the premesis.
And finally
Now I have covered all the domestics on behalf of Lauderdale Limpers and the Winter XC organising group I would like you to come and enjoy our series of friendly competition and savour the six different courses on six very different venues and terrain. A great deal of invisible work has been done during the summer to make this possible and we are looking forward to a great winter series.
Please check [this] website before leaving for each event especially in the event of inclement weather. (Though a healthy dose of common sense and a quick check of the BBC weather/travel site wouldn't go amiss either - ed.)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


The 2012/2013 Dates for your diary are as follows:



Lauderdale Limpers
 Lauder public park
4th November 2012
Dunbar Running Club
White Sands
18th November 2012
Moorfoot Runners
Hay Lodge Park, Peebles
2nd December 2012
Paxton House
13th January 2013
Berwick Harriers
Spittal Point
27th January 2013
Gala Harriers
Swimming Pool, Galashiels
10th February2013
Hopefully the above are now the final dates.
Please note the change in date of the first race.
We have also been informed by Lauder "We will be having registration in our new meeting rooms in Lauder public park. registration will take place in the social room in the New building. As well as this room we have junior and senior changing rooms and toilets. We alSo have around 60 car parking spaces with on street parking nearby"

Please note that fees for 2012/13 are £12 for seniors and £6 for juniors (fee covers all six races).
Also please note that it has been decided that for 2012/13 senior age categories will be in bands of ten years rather than five (please see entry form for categories).
The rules are:

ONE entry fee: which entitles the runner to compete in as many or as few rounds as he/she wishes.
At ALL Rounds:                 Senior £12                   Young Athlete £6
To be eligible for prizes, the runner must have “paid up” and completed FOUR rounds.  If more than four rounds are completed, then the best four will count.  Final placings are found by adding your four best finishing positions within your category.  In the case of ties, the award goes to the best placed in the last or latest round.

One number is issued for use in ALL rounds.
Prizes are only awarded in the categories stated on the entry form, and the number of awards depends on the number of entrants.  As a general rule, a 1st  overall requires a minimum of 3 entrants, a 2nd overall 5 entrants and a 3rd overall 6 entrants.
For young athletes there will be at least a first prize in each category irrespective of the number of entrants.
For Seniors, if there are too few entrants in any category for prizes to be awarded, the category will collapse into the “harder” category, e.g. FVV will compete as FV.
Minimum age for Young Athletes is 8 years.
Despite “Birthdays”, your category remains the one, correctly recorded, on the entry form on your day of entry for whatever round you first entered, i.e. only age on day of entry matters.
The “team” competitions, (Male and Female for Seniors), will be decided on the basis of overall finishing positions of the first three club runners per round for the BEST FIVE rounds added together.  There will be a trophy for the first team, (and should that not be one of the organising clubs, an additional team trophy for the first “organising club” team).  A Young Athletes team prize will be awarded in the same way.
Every senior runner gets “two” finishing positions: overall and category.  There are additional prizes (irrespective of category) for first overall male and female and first overall male and female from the organising clubs.  Winners are restricted to a maximum of TWO awards, one of which is their category prize.
All rounds start at 11.30 am (Young Athletes) and 12 noon (Seniors, Vets) on Sundays. Registration from 10.30am (Rounds 1 & 2), 11.00am (Rounds 3 –6).  Dates and venues are listed below.
Runners MUST complete the correct course as marked or they will be penalised.  The “referee of the day” will rule on an appropriate penalty.
The presentation of prizes will take place after the final round at a suitable venue.  Prize winners, or their representatives, MUST be present to receive their awards.  Refreshments will be available.
Dates have been selected to avoid conflicting with other events as far as reasonably possible.  However some events will clash by day or weekend.  The committee hope that you will be able to enjoy the whole series, complete at least four rounds and benefit from this extra competitive edge to your winter’s training.

It is very unlikely that changes of date will be forced upon us, but please be alert to the possibility.

An entry form will be posted here soon. It would be helpful if you could print it off and bring it with you to the first race.

Friday, 24 February 2012


A pair of track bottoms left on the field at Floors on Sunday.  They are men's Craft, black with silver piping, size M.

Please contact us if you recognise these and want them back.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Well. Beautiful weather and a beautiful setting saw the final leg of this seasons Borders XC.
Thank you to Les and all his helpers for laying on the course (indeed thanks to all the host clubs for their work during the series).

A couple of "Gremlins" managed to get into the works prior to the prize giving, but hopefully we've got rid of those.

Here are the provisional results for the 7th race to be getting on with.


Please check the senior times carefully. A few runners did the race without numbers - you know who you are :-)  and this caused problems for the timekeepers.
Let us know if there is a massive discrepancy between your watch time and ours (please dont bother us though with a second here or there).

Sunday, 12 February 2012


OK. Prior to the last leg, here are the team standings after six legs.

Remember, its the total of the first three runners in each race that count - THEN its the best five team results that count towards the final place.

Senior men and senior women have separate teams, while the junior team is based on both boys and girls.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Some details regarding the location of the last race. To be held at Floors Castle, Kelso on Sunday 19th February.

View Larger Map
the Rugby Club, where changing and the prize giving will be located,  is at Poynder Park with pedestrian access for runners via Poynder Place.
The start/finish area and course will be close to and will be accessed via the main entrance to Floors Castle at the north end of Roxburgh St. (foot access only)
There is limited parking at the Rugby Club which will be reserved for the organising clubs, competitors please arrive early and be prepared to walk there are several large car parks in Kelso within 10 mins walk of the Rugby Club and the entrance to Floors, also a fair bit of on street parking in Roxburgh St,  Bowmont St and Edinburgh Rd by Croft Park all of which lie between the Rugby Club and the entrance to Floors.
Sounds as though car sharing wherever possible would be helpful.

The organisers hope to have a map of the route soon, but promise us "some "interesting" features".

Sunday, 29 January 2012


Many thanks to Berwick for a well organised and enjoyable race today.
Tough going on the soft sand and the new "climb" up to the cliff top path made the senior race that bit more challenging.

Please find below the PROVISIONAL results for this race, as well as overall standings (by gender) after 6 races and category standings after 6 races.
Remember: For overall and Category standings your place is counted on your best 4 results!

One known issue with today's senior results - Are you a male runner, running in a brown vest (HBT??) who came in about 31.57 ? If so you didn't have a number on and failed to give the time keepers your name! Can you let us know who you are ASAP as this will no doubt affect the overall and category places.
Please let us know of any errors and omissions ASAP.



Monday, 16 January 2012


As the penultimate round moves to the coastal route at Berwick on Sunday 29th January we have a change in the emergency first aid provider for this round only. as The Red Cross are unable to provide support due to prior commitments The Berwick Branch of the RNLI will be providing first aid for this round only.  On behalf of the series and Berwick Harriers I would like to thank The Team based at Spittal for supporting the series at this round and providing cover which will hopefully not be needed. Two members of the team will be present at the event and will be happy to provide information about this extremely valuable service. The Red Cross will be back supporting us in Kelso for the last round in the series. On behalf of the record number of competitors enjoying the series I would like to thank all the teams at the venues for providing risk assesments and safety cover for at times demanding conditions and a step increase in numbers and to the orgainisations involved ie The Red Cross and the RNLI for their support in making this series as safe as possible for all concerned.I hope everyone enjoys the last two rounds over two completely different venues
Graeme Sutherland
Lauderdale Limpers and Eastern Borders Cross Country Organising Committee H and S Lead

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Please note that the venue for the final leg of the cross country (19th February) has been confirmed as Floors Castle in Kelso.
This leg is hosted by Norham.
The race itself will be through the grounds at Floors, but changing, showering and the prize giving will be at the nearby rugby club.
Please revisit this site for more details once they become available.

Remember though that the next leg is on 29th January at Berwick.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Title says it all really.
Here's what's happening after 5 rounds. Remember; even if you have done 5 races, it's your best four results that count for individual honours.




First of all -  "A Happy New Year" to everyone.
Second. Many thanks to everyone at Run Duns, and their helpers, for laying on a great race for everyone today. Well organised and very scenic (and muddy).

And a well done to all the runners who took part.

The PROVISIONAL results can be viewed here. As ever, please let us know of any errors or omissions.

Junior results HERE
Senior results HERE