Monday, 5 December 2011


Revised results now posted (see post below for link).

As ever, your patience never ceases to amaze.....

Sunday, 4 December 2011


First of all, a big "thank you" to all the team at Moorfoot for a wonderful course and a great race - even the weather was "proper" cross country weather. A massive turnout today.

A solitory saucony spike shoe (black with yellow details) was found discarded in the field. If its yours and you want it back it can be collected at the next race from the registration car. If you cant wait till then please email us and we will see what we can do.

Now down to the point of why we all meet up on a freezing cold Sunday morning to run through mud - the results.

As is usual these are the PROVISIONAL results and the teams, category places etc will be done in a few days once everyone has had a chance to look at these.

There are a couple of known "issues" in the senior results - the runner who came in in 33rd place had their number wrongly transcribed. If it was you please let us know.
Also a few runners have had to be attributed "guesstimated" times as the time keepers were distracted from their work (do NOT talk to timekeepers while they are busy! And NEVER run through a finish funnel twice!!). Hopefully the times we have given (and marked in red) will be pretty much what you got - it's the places that are important, but if you do want yours changed ... let us know.

Anyway. Provisional results are linked below:


Changes, errors and omissions can be reported to (though its unlikely that changes will be made till mid week).

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


OK. The "overall", the "category" and the "team" results are now published - Now including the junior teams!. The results are to be found by clicking on the "reults tab" above.

The "category" and "overall" should be fairly self explanatory. Suffice to say in the final reckoning it will be your best FOUR results... but as we've only had three legs so far it simply shows the total of the three.

Likewise, team results will ultimately be based on a clubs best FIVE performances, but so far all we have is three so......
The team spreadsheet shows the overall standings shaded in blue... each race is then listed to the right of this and that, in turn, shows the "gender placings" of each teams top three male/female runners.

Once these spreadsheets are in place the idea is to update them shortly after every race. However, a good rule of thumb will be "race results - same day (hopefully), overall, team etc... a day or two later".

As ever, your patience is appreciated.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Head for Peebles and then towards the west of the town on the A72 (Glasgow Road) towards the car park opposite the Haylodge Park entrance (mid way between the Hospital and the new Kingsland School). See Google Maps location here...

Registration/race start is in the park down towards the Fotheringham Bridge (foot bridge), less than 5 mins from the car park.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


OK. As always these are the provisional results.
Again, please check your details in the register and the results and let us know of any errors or omissions at our email address .

The Junior register can be found HERE
The Senior register can be found HERE
Junior results for round 3 HERE
Senior results for round 3 HERE

Coming soon: We hope to have the overall/category/team results so far posted by the end of the week.

LOST: We have had a email saying that a pair of trainers were left at Gala cross country, they will be brought to the Peebles race and left at the registration car.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


It might be worth mentioning that the A703 from Eddleston to Peebles will be closed on Sunday 27th (Gala race day) from 9am till 4pm.  Some people coming from south west Edinburgh or Penicuik (Penicuik Harriers) direction may possibly use this road to get to Galashiels.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Round three of the series will take place at Galashiels.
The meeting place for start of the race is just outside Galashiels Swimming Pool (Google map to get dierections HERE ).

Junior race, as ever, starts at 11:30 and the Senior race starts at 12:00.
Please be aware that this leg is always popular and, given the numbers we've been getting, parking directly at the pool will probably be full quickly.
Can we request that clubs try to car share wherever possible and to leave time in your journey to allow for having to park elsewhere.

Remember to check this site prior to the race...just in case.


Photographer Brian Sutherland was on hand on Sunday at White Sands to get some nice action shots of the race.

A gallery of his photos can be viewed HERE


We've now had a chance to take on board various comments about the provisional results and can now publish what [we hope] are the finalised leg 2 results...

The Junior register can be found HERE
The Senior register can be found HERE
Juniors for round 2 HERE
Seniors for round 2 HERE

Thanks for your patience.

Can we politely request that during races, number spotters and time keepers are given absolute peace to carry out their tasks.
If you must know your time when you cross the line then why not ask Santa for a stopwatch ... it's only four weeks away!

ALSO: "Three Strikes And Your Out"... Anyone who waits until after round three to inform us that their "club name is missing from their results" and then it transpires that they have not filled it out in the form in the first place will be taken round the back of the registration area ... and shot.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


It's hard to believe that the start to last years series was defined by snow and ice. This year? More than half way through November and runners went for a paddle in the sea after the race!

Anyway. As per usual (especially if you only registered today) please take a moment to check your details on the appropriate register and then have a look at the provisional results for today's run.

The Junior register can be found HERE
The Senior register can be found HERE

Provisional results for juniors for round 2 HERE
Provisional results for seniors for round 2 HERE

Any errors or omissions please email us and let us know. We do know of a couple of errors in the junior results where runners went through without their numbers being recorded - IF IT WAS YOU LET US KNOW!
However, any changes may not be made until the middle/second part of next week.


Please note that despite a recent incident with "travellers" at White Sands, Sunday's race is still on.
The "travellers" have left and the site is clear.

HOWEVER. Like any club Dunbar can not foresee every event and happening and it's advisable to check this web site prior to departure for any race.

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Please note that this years Dunbar race is at White Sands (as per last year).
Map of the senior route is attached. The junior route is similar, but takes a loop back to the start after the light house (rather than go all the way).

Any amendments that have been notified to us by 11th November have now been made to the results of the first leg.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Sunday's race at White Sands near Dunbar is fairly flat.
The terrain is a mixture of beach and grass trails. However, there are stretches of the route that are very stony... so spikes may not be the best choice. Ultimately though, as ever, choice of foot ware is yours.

LOCATION: This Google Map should help.,-2.467976&spn=0.054348,0.174751&sll=55.988252,-2.468061&sspn=0.027174,0.087376&geocode=FRBNVgMdo1na_w&vpsrc=6&gl=uk&mra=prev&t=h&z=13&layer=t

Monday, 14 November 2011


Kelso based All Fitness Sports will this year be setting up stall at some of the remaining races in the series.

Full details of what they provide can be found at their website

Sunday, 6 November 2011


First up, a big thanks to the Lauder team for hosting an excellent race - thats going to be a tough one to beat!
An amazing turnout for round one has meant a lot of work in getting these provisional results ready.

So. Please take a moment to check your details in the register before you look at the results (if your details are wrong there they will remain wrong for the entire series).
Please email us with changes or omissions at  (do not use the "comments" feature below....unless you want to say nice things).

The Junior register can be found HERE
The Senior register can be found HERE

The PROVISIONAL results for the juniors round 1 can be found HERE
The PROVISIONAL results for the senior round 1 can be found HERE

We will publish the team results and the category standings after race three.

Finally. If you or your club has any report of the race or if you have any photos please, please let us know so we can post them here.

Friday, 4 November 2011


A quick note to remind everyone that the first leg of the 2011/12 series starts this Sunday (6th November) at Lauder.
As with all the races the junior race starts at 11:30 and the senior race starts at 12:00.

Please note that we have been advised by Lauder that "SPIKES ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR THIS LEG DUE TO SMALL AMOUNTS OF TARMAC". (You have been warned).

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

2011 - 2012 DATES.

OK Folks. The previously published "provisional" dates have now been tweaked, and we can reveal the final line up.....
6 November 2011   - Lauder
20 November 2011  - Dunbar
27 November 2011 - Galashiels
4 December 2011   - Peebles
8 January 2012       - Paxton House
29 January 2012     - Berwick
19 February 2012    - Norham
Please remember to check this site before races to confirm details of venues etc.

With regard to the first round at Lauder. Please note:

"Lauder are looking forward to hosting the first round of the Cross country series on 6th November. Registration will be open from 10.30 in the Leader Leisure Centre where there will be changing and showers. Please enter into the main hall and have your correct money and form (available from your club or this website) to speed up registration. I have arranged for hot drinks and snacks to be available from about 10.00 am so please come prepared with a cash donation for your refreshments which will help support the upkeep of this important facility. On behalf of all of the organising clubs I would like to thank Jack for organising this series once again which has grown many times from its origonal format and he has had a lot to deal with in the last few weeks with some of the changes which have happened. I think some of us forget that without the time spend by Jack and the organising club representatives we would not enjoy this great series for such a small outlay.  I am looking forward to welcoming you all to the "scenic undulating and slightly muddy" course which you all enjoy so much !"

Thursday, 24 March 2011


The organising clubs recently held a meeting to discuss the last season of cross country races to iron out any problems/niggles and to set out PROVISIONAL dates for next season.

Other than crossing our fingers and praying for better weather the rules etc will remain unchanged for next season.

The provisional dates for the seven rounds are as follows:-

23 October 2011    - Galashiels
6 November 2011   - Lauder
20 November 2011  - Dunbar
4 December 2011   - Peebles
8 January 2012       - Paxton House
29 January 2012     - Berwick
19 February 2012    - Norham
This web site will probably go a little "quiet" now, but please remember to check in closer to the time to see if the dates have been confirmed or changed.
In the meantime, lets hope everyone has a rewarding Spring and Summer of running.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Sunday, 27 February 2011


The results from today's last leg are now published in the results section.
We have also published a list of all runners places by categories.

The team prizes went to:

Juniors: Gala
Seniors (male): Gala

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Results of a very wet and muddy round 3 are now published. Along with details of overall position by gender and category.
Details on the results page (


If your sitting at home ... looking at the rain... thinking "should I run"?
Well. Yes you should!! And here is where you'll be running today.
Let's get muddy !!!!
Click to enlarge

Monday, 31 January 2011


Please note that the fourth race in the series (Dunbar) has been relocated.
Details, and a map of the new route, can be found at:

The prize giving is unaffected and will still be Hallhill Healthy Living Centre after the last race.

Friday, 28 January 2011


Anyone registering on 6th Feb at  Norham and on 27th Feb at Dunbar will not qualify for trophies or a horse brass, as they cannot complete 3 rounds. However, the reduced entry fee of £5.00 (seniors) and  £3.00 (juniors) still represents excellent racing value.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Results are now up from today's leg at Berwick.
Please note that the senior results are at the moment.
Results can be found on the results section:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Unless you hear otherwise then please assume that the second leg of the revised series is going ahead on Sunday.

Host club is Berwick and, unless we hear otherwise, then please meet at the usual times at Berwicks usual XC start point at Spittal Beach near Berwick. There are a couple of medium sized car parks nearby and public toilets are situated on the Promenade close by.

See you Sunday!

Sunday, 9 January 2011


The results of the (delayed) first leg of the series are now available.
Please go to our "Results" section (

After the race the organising clubs had a meeting and it has been decided that the series will be reduced to four legs this year. The price has been amended to reflect this decision. Details can now be found in the "Dates & Venues" section (

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Have been keeping a close eye on the course at Paxton House and can assure you
that everything is now clear for the event on Sunday. Some snow remains along
the route at this moment, but by the weekend there should be less. Nevertheless,
underfoot conditions will be interesting with some remaining sections of hard
packed snow and the occasional section of muddy soft ground. Runners would be
well advised to bring a selection of footwear, if possible, to cope.
This is one of the few courses where runners are visible during the events so it
is very good from the point of view of spectating.
The tearoom,  will be open at 10am serving teas, coffee, soup, rolls and so on.
Registration, which will be in the tearoom, is conveniently situated very close
to the parking area, and both the start and finish areas for the races.
Paxton House is easy to find next to the B6461 road to Kelso, 4 miles west from
the A1.  For those who rely on satnav the postcode TD15 1SZ should help find it.
If you could message all the clubs taking part on the above I would be grateful.

Best wishes
Alex McGregor

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Happy New Year!!

The Paxton race is due to go ahead this Sunday (9th January).
After the race the organising clubs will be meeting to make a decision on what is to happen for the remainder of the series.
It may be that some (or all) of the three cancelled legs could be rescheduled. It may be that the series will have to be extended into March if this does happen. Or it may be that the series is reduced to only four legs (i.e. the remaining four), with your overall result being the best three out of the four.

Whatever happens we will put the details on this website as soon as we can.