Monday, 29 December 2014


Paxton XC Sun 11th Jan
Once again we are pleased to have Paxton House as the venue for the NRC round of the Border XC series and would like to thank the management & staff for their co-operation, also the Home-Robertson family for generously allowing us access to the surrounding farm/woodlands.
Paxton House is easy to find....signposted on the B6461 Berwick to Kelso road, 4 miles west of
the A1. For parking we hope to be able to use the grass area adjacent to the main park but please arrive in sufficient time as in the event of bad weather we will revert to parking on the main drive/road.
No cars will be allowed to park on the drive in front of the house.
Registration will be in the tearoom conveniently situated close to the toilets, parking and start/finish areas of both races. The tearoom will be open at 10am serving teas, coffee, soup, rolls  etc. 
Toilets are situated in the courtyard.
There will be new routes for both Seniors & Juniors in 2015 which will consist of the usual mixture of parkland, fields, stream crossing(s) depending on the weather, woodland/riverside paths and mud......maybe even the "Norham Rope"! 
Seniors will complete a loop of the Junior route before heading off in search of adventure!
Maps will be on display in the Courtyard on the day.....please note the course is unsuitable for spikes.
In order that we continue to be made welcome at Paxton House......PLEASE park where directed, when warming up stick to the marked route on the farm/woodland and try to avoid using the toilets whilst wearing muddy footwear.
Note that under no circumstance will washing shoes in the toilets be tolerated!!!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Race 4, Chirnside - PROVISIONL Results.

OK. A big thanks to everyone at Chirnside for laying on a great new addition to our series.
Who knew that shoes could carry so much mud on them??

Here are the (as ever) PROVISIONAL results.

Juniors HERE

Seniors HERE

Please let us know of any errors, omissions or downright inaccuracies and we will endeavour to rectify them.

See you all after the holidays .... so Happy Christmas!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Leg 4 Chirnside, Sunday 14th December.

Chirnside Chasers.  are extremely proud to welcome everyone to the fourth round of the Borders XC series at Chirnside. We hope we have set up a course that is challenging, enjoyable views and fun to do. Please wear off road/trail shoes as the both the junior and senior routes are unsuitable for spikes.
Please read the following information carefully so we can all enjoy the day. With a large number of people currently doing the series parking could be an issue unless everyone is sensible. We have kindly been given permission to use two areas to the south of the village, in and around the primary school, and near to the Ambulance station. There is only a 5 to 10 minute walk to the start from these car parks.

Please respect the residents in the village. There will be people in the car park areas to assist, however arrive in plenty time. Car parking in the Football ground is reserved for the emergency vehicles and Organisers. For those with satellite navigation the postcode for the school is TD11 3XH and it’s just off the A6105 road.
The senior route is just over 4 miles and starts and finishes at the football pitch.
The junior course is about 2 miles as follows:

Stephen Ross – Chirnside Chasers

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Race 3, Moorfoot (Peebles), Sunday 30th November results (Ver 2)

Well. Who knew that mud could be quite that clingy, heavy and ample.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and helpers at Moorfoot for putting on such a scenic and challenging race again. And having the Tweed so close by to wash off muddy legs was a stroke of genius.

Here are the results (Ver 2)  for the Peebles races. These take into account all the gender realignments, forgotten then misremembered numbers, missing juniors, club changes etc. etc.

Junior results HERE

Senior results HERE.

You can contact us for results queries/changes at


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

LEG 3 - PEEBLES. Sunday 30th November.

The start of Sunday's race (leg 3) at Peebles is, as previous years, at Hay Lodge Park.

Please note that there is LIMITED parking opposite the park, so please, if possible car share.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Race 2: Gala - PROVISIONAL results (Version 3)

Here are the second version of the results, taking into account some comments received.
NOTE: These are still considered PROVISIONAL until such times as we are happy that no more comments will be received.

If you are aware of any serious errors and/or omissions then please get in touch at and we will try to rectify the problem.

Provisional SENIOR results are HERE

Version 3 of Provisional JUNIOR results are HERE

With regard the senior results. Runner 390 was recorded twice. However, they brought the error to our attention and their correct position has been recorded. This now leaves us with a "missing runner" in 39th place in about 24:37. This is important for everyone as it has ramifications on the category positions (in effect all 50+ have now moved up one place :-) ).

In general please note. Results are, and will continue to be, published in Google Documents (it suits us). If you can not read the results on a  particular phone/device etc then we apologise.

We are aware that these results are now "picked up" by the Power of Ten. We do not issue the results to the Power of Ten - they simply collect them from the site (we are, of course happy that they do so).
If a result is changed in our results at a later date and not picked up by the Power of Ten it is the individual runners responsibility to bring it to the attention of the Power of Ten.

Again - results are based on details entered by the runners themselves (or their parent/guardian) into Entry Central. While we will rectify any errors in this data if we can, please bear in mind it was not of our doing in the first instance.

The series is excellent value at £15 or £8 for juniors for 7 races. To keep costs to a minimum we still use manually recorded results. Occasionally people standing at a finish line (in the wet and cold) will make errors and omissions. We will endeavour to rectify these. However, while the races are cheap courtesy, consideration and patience are free.

See you in a few weeks at Peebles. Race location and details to follow soon.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


OK folks it's time for race two, and next up it's Gala.

Details of route. start location and parking etc can be found at Gala Harriers website:

Please remember to bring your number with you if you already picked it up at the first race.

The weather is looking a bit more "cross country" for this weekend.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

ROUND1 RESULTS.(Ver 3 - and still counting)

OK Folks. One or two minor tweaks and a little bit of gender realignment, but here are the slightly altered results for round one.....

The junior results are now ready and can be found HERE.

While the senior results are now HERE.

Please remember we have a new email address this year to be used ONLY for result queries.

Once more can we politely request that you help us to help you by keeping in the finish funnels until the end, by keeping in order while in the funnel and by ensuring that your number is visible.

ALSO: Our administrator is not a man bestowed with infinite patience. Please be more careful when entering online. If you get your age wrong, or if you get your gender wrong (or if you enter someone else and make mistakes) it's us that has to re-do the results umpteen times!


Friday, 24 October 2014

1st Round. Lauder Information.

For those runners new to our series, Lauder is real cross country running with a mixture of paths, trails, hills , water and mud with great views and a warm welcome as you finish. Please wear off road/trail shoes as the route is unsuitable for spikes. Please read and following information carefully so we can all enjoy the day. With around 500 people expected on the day PARKING could be an issue unless everyone is sensible. DO NOT PARK ON THE A 68. We will NOT be supervising car parking as we assume that you will use common sense and park appropriately. Please make every effort to fill your car with other runners, be patient. and arrive in plenty time. Car Parking in the Health Centre Car Park is reserved for the emergency vehicles and race Marshals and Organisers. There is no parking around the very narrow roads around the park. The main parking (60 plus spaces ) can be accessed by following the sign for Stow from the A68 and turn left (signposted primary school). Please park in the marked bays in the car park and primary school car park, and on the left hand side of the route opposite the houses. Do not block any residents access. Please follow the following guidance, as there are plenty of Parking within the village all within a 10 minute walk of the public park where registration and the start/finish is located. From Edinburgh and The North, turn first right before the filling station and park on the bays around the recycling area (20 places), or first right past the filling station for on road parking around Brownsmuir Park, taking care not to block residents entrances. From the South take the first left after the 30 miles an hour sign and park on street in Lauderdale Drive again taking care not to block entrances. From the minor road from galashiels the Southern Upland way car park can accomodate about 20 cars. If you plan to go for lunch/drink at the Lauderdale Hotel please inform them if you wish to use their car park. Public toilets are available in the main square in Lauder and in the football pavilion where refreshments will be available for a small charge. For those new to Lauder there are numerous places to enjoy a coffee and all the local hotels serve meals at lunchtime, as does the Italian restaurant. This series has a history of friendly and competitive rivalry and we look forward to hosting the first round again this year.
Graeme Sutherland, Lauderdale Limpers Running Club

Monday, 1 September 2014


Entries for the 2014/2015 series of races are now open on Entry Central.

Dates are:

2 November : Lauderdale Limpers
16 November : Gala Harriers
30 November : Moorfoot Runners
14 December : Chirnside Chasers
11 January : Norham at Paxton
25 January : Dunbar Running Club
15 February : Tweed Striders at Conundrum

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Ethos of the Borders Cross-Country Series

As this is the 25th Anniversary of the Borders Cross-Country Series it is an opportune moment to remind ourselves of the ethos behind this series.  The series was started twenty-five years ago in order to give all runners, regardless of ability and / or age, the opportunity to take part in organised – hence safe - cross-country running.  The premise behind the series is that all runners are able to experience the joy, excitement and benefits of running cross-country in a friendly, supportive and sociable environment whilst enjoying the magnificent scenery to be found in the Borders, East Lothian and North Northumberland.  The competitive element has always been – and still remains - secondary to this.  In order to preserve this ethos of friendship, support and non-competitive rivalry, the Committee has introduced a Code of Conduct.  This Code of Conduct is, obviously, voluntary but the Committee hopes that all - both runners and spectators - respect and adhere to it.
Dunbar Results we go "again".

Still not 100% but we have changed the anomalies that have been brought to our attention.

So the updated results for yesterdays leg are:


With that in mind. Here are the overall results by category......


But much more importantly than all that. Here are some excellent pictures from Bob Marshall of yesterdays race...

And here are a selection of photos from Dunbar's James Addie:
That's pretty much it then. The various reps from the host clubs will let you know when entries for next seasons races are opening. Until then whether your "thing" is track, field, hill, road, trail or ultra ....enjoy your running!

Friday, 14 February 2014


The prize giving on Sunday will take place in Hallhill Healthy Living Centre in Dunbar.

Google map:,-2.507286&spn=0.081029,0.154324&safe=strict&hq=hallhill+healthy+living+centre&radius=15000&t=m&z=13

We hope to have this done as soon as is possible after the last race. Please be mindful however that we have to get the results back from the race to Hallhill and entered into the computer (as well as wait for the last runner - obviously).

There will be changing and showers available at Hallhill. Sadly we are unable to offer soup this year, but we hope to have tea and coffee available. There is a "bar" (of sorts) that sells snacks.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Prior to the last leg here are the all important team scores so far.....


Remember, its the best 5 results out of six to count on the day, so it may still be open ("may").
Note that the scores are based on the best three positions from a race. Clubs who have not yet managed FOUR events with a full team have not been included as it is now impossible for them to qualify.

Junior teams are mixed (boys and girls) but senior teams are male and female. Senior teams are based on gender position on the day.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


The next race is at Whitesands near Dunbar on Sunday 16th February.

The route is pretty much the same as last years . Please note that the above route is the proposed route and we preserve the right to make alterations, if required, up to and including the day of the race.
A rough outline of the route is available on the attached map. Both routes (junior and senior) take in beach and coastal trails. Studs but not spikes recommended (road shoes would be OK too).
Details of Whitesands car park can be found on here:
Prizegiving will take place at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre in Dunbar. There are showers and changing facilities at Hallhill.
Hallhill is about a 10 minute drive from the race venue.

Monday, 3 February 2014

From Tweed Striders

Tweed Striders would like to thank everyone who supported their recent leg of the Borders XC series at Conundrum and also their hosts, Nigel and Lynn Dudgeon.  This first event for Tweed Striders was a challenge but both the club and the Borders XC Committee are confident that they came through it successfully and that the right decisions were taken during the day, particularly in the junior race where the results will stand.  Tweed Striders are pleased and grateful for the overwhelmingly complimentary comments made both immediately after the event and subsequently and look forward to welcoming everyone again next season.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


First off - a massive thanks to all at Tweed Striders for laying on a really tough and challenging race today.
Laying out a course in the weather we had yesterday and then having to stand and marshal on a day like today is much appreciated by all.

Now what you no doubt have checked this site for...
Here are today's PROVISIONAL results (subject to usual moans and quibbles).

Junior results HERE

Senior Results HERE.

Already had a [late] query about an earlier race.... so once we are happy with the results of race 5 we will re calculate and publish the overall and category standings.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Here are, the "scores on the doors" after four rounds... (ver 2)

Senior by gender
Senior by age category
Junior by gender
Junior by age category

Remember that the final results are based on the best 4 results from a possible 6. Given that we have only had four legs so far these results are purely indicative.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Fifth Leg : Tweed Striders at Conundrum
Conundrum (Farm) is located just off the A1 approximately one mile north of Berwick (the Morrisons roundabout).  There is a large sign on the A1 for Conundrum Farm Trail / Café and the road from the A1 is signposted Loughend and Conundrum;  on the opposite side of the A1 from Conundrum is a (newly erected) windmill. 
Initial parking will be at Conundrum itself, thereafter on the grass verge (A1 / hedge side) between Conundrum and Loughend farms, in Loughend steading and finally on the  verge of the road up to Halidon Hill.  However, the organisers request that, wherever possible, people car share – thank you for your co-operation.

Spikes or Studs ?
The course is suitable for SHORT spikes.  Course map herewith and there will, obviously, be one will be on display on the day.
The café will be open from 10 am serving tea, coffee, bacon rolls, soup, filled rolls etc.  Please remove all muddy boots before entering the café and toilets (which are located within the café). 

Runner Numbers
The XC Committee would like to remind all runners that it is essential they wear their number in each and every leg of the series.  This is the number that runners were given this year - not last !  If you have lost or forgotten your number, then please go to the Registration Desk (in the café) where the organisers will be happy to reissue you with your correct number.
Thank You
Tweed Striders would like to thank Nigel and Lynn Dudgeon for hosting the Tweed Striders leg of the XC and we hope all runners enjoy – and support - this new venue.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


First up, a massive thanks to Les and the team for laying on such a great race for us all today.
Paxton House really is a beautiful location for a cross country.

Next up (and what your probably looking at this site for) the provisional results.

Junior results appear to be OK this time round and can be found HERE

The senior results are HERE


Sunday, 5 January 2014


Getting there;
Paxton House is easy to find....signposted on the B6461 Berwick to Kelso road, 4 miles west of
the A1.   

Please park where instructed and note that there will be no parking on the grass whatsoever.  
The early arrivals in the car park, then down the drive, then along the main road.  
No cars will be allowed to park on the drive in front of the house.

This will be in the tearoom and is conveniently situated close to toilets, parking area and the start and finish areas of both races.

The Course;
Both courses are the same as used in previous years and consist of a mixture of parkland, field margins, a stream crossing (depending on the weather) woodland/riverside footpath and mud!!!
Maps will be on display in the courtyard on the day.
Please note the footpaths are unsuitable for spikes.

The Facilities;
The tearoom will be open at 10am serving teas, coffee, soup, rolls  etc. 
Toilets are situated in the courtyard......we are very fortunate to have the use of Paxton House and grounds for the Borders XC Series in order that we continue to be made welcome.......

Friday, 3 January 2014


First of all - A Happy New Year to you all.

Hope we're keeping up the training and looking forward to the next few legs of the XC.

Here are, in the meantime, the "scores on the doors" so far...

Senior by gender
Senior by age category
Junior by gender
Junior by age category

Remember that the final results are based on the best 4 results from a possible 6. Given that we have only had three legs so far these results are purely indicative.


We've had a message: "James Britton left his long Karrimor leggings at the Lauder XC a few weeks ago.  Just wondered whether the kind person who found them in their panniers still had them.." If you do I'm sure James would love to be reunited with them.

See you all at the next race.