Sunday, 19 December 2010


Really bad news, just recieved.
The early morning snow fall on Sunday has meant that the third leg has also been cancelled.

Really sorry folks. This bad weather is having a terrible effect on running this year.

Keep checking for more news/updates about what will happen for the rest of the series.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Peebles Round - Update

We still propose to go ahead as there has been no new snow today, but if you can please check this site in the morning before you leave.
We are at Hay Lodge Park at the W end of Peebles.  It has parking across the road. Registration is at the Rugby Club building in the park.  It's not ideal so please bring a completed registration form and the correct money.
The toilets there are problematic due to frozen pipes.  There are public toilets at Eastgate Car Park (Edinburgh Road), School Brae (off the High St), and Kingsmeadows Rd Car Park.  Also the Neidpath Inn just down from the park gates opens at 12.30 and sells hot food.
The usual steep hill has been removed from the junior race, but the course has an inch of powdery snow and  spikes, studs or trail shoes are advised.  Trainers without a good tread will be a disadvantage though no more so than in muddy conditions.  Similar advice applies to the senior race.  Also, it is cold.
PS If you are paying by cheque it should be made out to 'Winter XC Series'.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Peebles Round - Update

Some snow has fallen and there is now some ice on our normal route. 
Our present intention is to have the junior race in the Hay Lodge Park as usual (with minor variations). 
The senior race is likely to utilise the woods and fields to the south of the river.
Registration will be in the Rugby Club building in the Hay Lodge Park (about 50m from the main gate).
Obviously this may have to change, so keep a close eye on the website.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


The latest news recieved about the Peebles round states:

"It is our intention to hold the Peebles leg on Sunday unless we are prevented by bad weather before then. The course is OK at present."

Good news indeed. However, please keep an eye on this site for any news updates.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Peebles Round

Still uncertain, though we have course options which are clear of snow and ice at present.

We do not have the venue for registration that we would ideally like.

So please note the following -  
Even if we run the event, it may be at the other end of Peebles from our usual venue.
Please come with a completed registration form and the correct money.
Please check this site for updates.

Monday, 6 December 2010


Please note that due to the continuing bad weather the organising committee have made the difficult decision to postpone the next race.
This decision is based primarily on the safety of runners, but also based on the likelihood of continued travelling difficulties.
Discussions are currently underway as to the nature of the revised season.
Please keep checking this website for updates and extra information.
Thank you for your patience.