Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Some details regarding the location of the last race. To be held at Floors Castle, Kelso on Sunday 19th February.

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the Rugby Club, where changing and the prize giving will be located,  is at Poynder Park with pedestrian access for runners via Poynder Place.
The start/finish area and course will be close to and will be accessed via the main entrance to Floors Castle at the north end of Roxburgh St. (foot access only)
There is limited parking at the Rugby Club which will be reserved for the organising clubs, competitors please arrive early and be prepared to walk there are several large car parks in Kelso within 10 mins walk of the Rugby Club and the entrance to Floors, also a fair bit of on street parking in Roxburgh St,  Bowmont St and Edinburgh Rd by Croft Park all of which lie between the Rugby Club and the entrance to Floors.
Sounds as though car sharing wherever possible would be helpful.

The organisers hope to have a map of the route soon, but promise us "some "interesting" features".

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