Monday, 12 November 2012

ROUND 2 - DUNBAR. SUNDAY 18th. 11:30 (12:00 - SENIORS)

ROUND 2 - DUNBAR. SUNDAY 18th. 11:30 (12:00 - SENIORS)

The next race is at Whitesands near Dunbar.

The route is pretty much the same as last years (though we may take out the “rocks” section).

A rough outline of the route is available on the attached map. Please note however that new fencing for livestock has been installed since last year, so minor changes may have to be made. Both routes (junior and senior) take in beach and coastal trails. Studs but not spikes recommended (road shoes would be OK too).

Details of Whitesands car park can be found on here:,-2.460937&spn=0.047422,0.108318&gbv=2&safe=strict&hnear=White+Sands+Stables,+Brandsmill,+Dunbar,+East+Lothian+EH42+1RU,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=13

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