Wednesday, 5 December 2012


A big thanks to Moorfoot Runners who laid on a fantastic race today. Weather couldn't have been better and there was something on that course for everyone.

The "known" issues have been sorted. Errors, omissions, misspellings and even the "I didnae' even run but I'm in the results" etc. have, hopefully been dealt with.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated. As the series grows ever more popular it is a fairly arduous task standing in the cold, number spotting and time keeping for 200+ runners who will insist on all trying to finish at the same time.
Also, we don't know about "mistakes" until we let you see the results - so please treat the first draft as simply that.

If we get no more queries I will tidy up the first three legs results and compile the "overall standings etc" in the next week or so.

Here's a thought though - None of the junior results have had any misspellings this year. Perhaps we should get the juniors to fill in the entry forms on behalf of the seniors :-)

SENIORS (updated 05/01/13)

All that is left is to remind you that the next race is on 13th January at Paxton House and, while it might still be a bit early, we'd obviously just like to say....

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