Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Courtesy of Nigel and Lynn Dudgeon, Tweed Striders will host the seventh and final - the presentation - leg of this year’s 25th anniversary series at Conundrum, Berwick-upon-Tweed, next Sunday, 15 February.  In order that the day may run smoothly so be enjoyable for all, please take a few minutes to read the following items of “house-keeping”. 

How to find Conundrum : Conundrum is situated just off the A1 about half a mile north of Berwick-upon-Tweed;  if coming from the south it is on the left and on the right if coming from the north.  The entrance is signposted Conundrum and is opposite a turbine;  as a “marker” Nigel will park his yellow JCB at the Conundrum road end, bucket in the air.

Roadworks : these are ongoing on the A1 currently.  With luck there will be a gap in the cones allowing those coming from the north to cross through at the Conundrum entrance;  if no gap, then continue on to Berwick, go round the Morrisons roundabout and back up the A1.  For those going south on the road home, again if no gap, turn left,  go to and over the Lamberton flyover, then south back down the A1 to the Morrisons roundabout.

Parking : This will be the same as last year, with marshals in charge of parking, whereby the first cars to arrive will be parked in Conundrum steading;  thereafter cars will be turned at the steading and parked on the roadway heading back out.   This will enable those who wish to leave early to do so easily.

Refreshments : All runners are entitled to soup, buttered roll, tea or coffee or hot chocolate upon production of their number (no number = no free refreshments);  there will be refreshments (bacon rolls, fried egg rolls, traybakes, hot / cold drinks, crisps) on sale for supporters and any runner who wants something additional.

Footwear : As Conundrum is in constant use throughout the year, please remove all muddy footwear before entering the venue.  It goes without saying that muddy footwear must not be washed out in the toilets nor worn in the café which is carpeted.

Changing : There are no changing facilities per se though some may choose to change in the area immediately behind the door to the three toilets.  Runners are politely requested not to change in the toilets themselves as this renders the toilets “off-limits” to those in need !

Junior and Senior Courses : Neither is suitable for spikes;  course maps are below;  there will be a warning whistle five minutes before the start of each race.

The Presentation : This will take place as soon as Stuart has been able to process the results from this round.

Conundrum : Situated in the beautiful and peaceful North Northumberland countryside, with spectacular views plus the Halidon Hill Battle Trail, Conundrum is the ideal venue in which to hold any function (birthday party, christening celebration etc) or corporate event.  For further information please contact Nigel Dudgeon on 07824 374102.

Tweed Striders look forward to welcoming everyone to  Conundrum on Sunday.


Loads of wonderful pictures of our last race at Dunbar from Bob Marshall:

Junior photos HERE

Old un's photos HERE

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