Sunday, 12 February 2017

Last Leg - Dunbar 19th February.

The last leg of this series will be hosted by Dunbar Running Club and will take place on Sunday 19th February at White Sands.
The route is pretty much the same as previous years . Please note that the attached route is the proposed route and we preserve the right to make alterations, if required, up to and including the day of the race.
A rough outline of the route is available on the attached map. Both routes (junior and senior) take in beach and coastal trails. Studs but not spikes recommended (road shoes would be OK too).
Details of Whitesands car park can be found on here:

Races start at the usual times (Juniors 11:30 and Seniors at 12:00 - or as soon to 12:00 as possible if juniors over run).

Afterwards the prize giving for the series will be held at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre at Dunbar (location details here ).

There are good changing and showering facilities at Hallhill. There is a snack bar located in Hallhill that we would encourage the runners to use.

We can not give a definitive time for the prize giving - but we will endeavour to have them as soon as possible after the races.


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