Sunday, 4 December 2011


First of all, a big "thank you" to all the team at Moorfoot for a wonderful course and a great race - even the weather was "proper" cross country weather. A massive turnout today.

A solitory saucony spike shoe (black with yellow details) was found discarded in the field. If its yours and you want it back it can be collected at the next race from the registration car. If you cant wait till then please email us and we will see what we can do.

Now down to the point of why we all meet up on a freezing cold Sunday morning to run through mud - the results.

As is usual these are the PROVISIONAL results and the teams, category places etc will be done in a few days once everyone has had a chance to look at these.

There are a couple of known "issues" in the senior results - the runner who came in in 33rd place had their number wrongly transcribed. If it was you please let us know.
Also a few runners have had to be attributed "guesstimated" times as the time keepers were distracted from their work (do NOT talk to timekeepers while they are busy! And NEVER run through a finish funnel twice!!). Hopefully the times we have given (and marked in red) will be pretty much what you got - it's the places that are important, but if you do want yours changed ... let us know.

Anyway. Provisional results are linked below:


Changes, errors and omissions can be reported to (though its unlikely that changes will be made till mid week).

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