Wednesday, 30 November 2011


OK. The "overall", the "category" and the "team" results are now published - Now including the junior teams!. The results are to be found by clicking on the "reults tab" above.

The "category" and "overall" should be fairly self explanatory. Suffice to say in the final reckoning it will be your best FOUR results... but as we've only had three legs so far it simply shows the total of the three.

Likewise, team results will ultimately be based on a clubs best FIVE performances, but so far all we have is three so......
The team spreadsheet shows the overall standings shaded in blue... each race is then listed to the right of this and that, in turn, shows the "gender placings" of each teams top three male/female runners.

Once these spreadsheets are in place the idea is to update them shortly after every race. However, a good rule of thumb will be "race results - same day (hopefully), overall, team etc... a day or two later".

As ever, your patience is appreciated.

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