Sunday, 2 November 2014

ROUND1 RESULTS.(Ver 3 - and still counting)

OK Folks. One or two minor tweaks and a little bit of gender realignment, but here are the slightly altered results for round one.....

The junior results are now ready and can be found HERE.

While the senior results are now HERE.

Please remember we have a new email address this year to be used ONLY for result queries.

Once more can we politely request that you help us to help you by keeping in the finish funnels until the end, by keeping in order while in the funnel and by ensuring that your number is visible.

ALSO: Our administrator is not a man bestowed with infinite patience. Please be more careful when entering online. If you get your age wrong, or if you get your gender wrong (or if you enter someone else and make mistakes) it's us that has to re-do the results umpteen times!


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