Sunday, 16 November 2014

Race 2: Gala - PROVISIONAL results (Version 3)

Here are the second version of the results, taking into account some comments received.
NOTE: These are still considered PROVISIONAL until such times as we are happy that no more comments will be received.

If you are aware of any serious errors and/or omissions then please get in touch at and we will try to rectify the problem.

Provisional SENIOR results are HERE

Version 3 of Provisional JUNIOR results are HERE

With regard the senior results. Runner 390 was recorded twice. However, they brought the error to our attention and their correct position has been recorded. This now leaves us with a "missing runner" in 39th place in about 24:37. This is important for everyone as it has ramifications on the category positions (in effect all 50+ have now moved up one place :-) ).

In general please note. Results are, and will continue to be, published in Google Documents (it suits us). If you can not read the results on a  particular phone/device etc then we apologise.

We are aware that these results are now "picked up" by the Power of Ten. We do not issue the results to the Power of Ten - they simply collect them from the site (we are, of course happy that they do so).
If a result is changed in our results at a later date and not picked up by the Power of Ten it is the individual runners responsibility to bring it to the attention of the Power of Ten.

Again - results are based on details entered by the runners themselves (or their parent/guardian) into Entry Central. While we will rectify any errors in this data if we can, please bear in mind it was not of our doing in the first instance.

The series is excellent value at £15 or £8 for juniors for 7 races. To keep costs to a minimum we still use manually recorded results. Occasionally people standing at a finish line (in the wet and cold) will make errors and omissions. We will endeavour to rectify these. However, while the races are cheap courtesy, consideration and patience are free.

See you in a few weeks at Peebles. Race location and details to follow soon.

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