Sunday, 20 November 2011


It's hard to believe that the start to last years series was defined by snow and ice. This year? More than half way through November and runners went for a paddle in the sea after the race!

Anyway. As per usual (especially if you only registered today) please take a moment to check your details on the appropriate register and then have a look at the provisional results for today's run.

The Junior register can be found HERE
The Senior register can be found HERE

Provisional results for juniors for round 2 HERE
Provisional results for seniors for round 2 HERE

Any errors or omissions please email us and let us know. We do know of a couple of errors in the junior results where runners went through without their numbers being recorded - IF IT WAS YOU LET US KNOW!
However, any changes may not be made until the middle/second part of next week.

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