Wednesday, 23 November 2011


We've now had a chance to take on board various comments about the provisional results and can now publish what [we hope] are the finalised leg 2 results...

The Junior register can be found HERE
The Senior register can be found HERE
Juniors for round 2 HERE
Seniors for round 2 HERE

Thanks for your patience.

Can we politely request that during races, number spotters and time keepers are given absolute peace to carry out their tasks.
If you must know your time when you cross the line then why not ask Santa for a stopwatch ... it's only four weeks away!

ALSO: "Three Strikes And Your Out"... Anyone who waits until after round three to inform us that their "club name is missing from their results" and then it transpires that they have not filled it out in the form in the first place will be taken round the back of the registration area ... and shot.

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